Now you are secure no matter where you are

spotNSave is a simple solution to all your tracking and SOS problems. Just wear a wrist band and you are ready to reach your guardian no matter where you are.







Strange guy following you? No more ducking into convenient stores to call for help. With the SOS button on your spotNSave band, send an SOS to your guardian angels on the go. spotNSave will send them a text with a link to your location.

Easy Navigation

Once your guardians have your location, the spotNSave app leads them to you fast with turn-by-trun driving directions.

Real Time Tracking

Didn't get to send an SOS? With spotNSave's real time tracking, your guardian angel network can see where you are at any time.

Location History

For easy reference, spotNSave also stores locations where you and network go most often.

Guardian Angel

Once the app and the band are activated, you can choose up to five guardian angels. Choose people you know will rescue you in a tight spot. It doesn't have to be your parents, but try not to pick your flakey friend who's never in town!


spotNSave takes the guess work out of tracking you down by sending your guardian angel a notification when your battery runs out or you go out of network range, spotNSave sends them you last known location.



This is what our customers have to say about spotNSave

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Dr Roshni Patel

A product that helps!!!

I got 4 bands for my family and today i am not worried. My daughter who is 23 obediently wears the band and both me and my husband are relieved. My son who is in college wears the band, and today he never misses any calls :) plus we are less worried about his safety. Well done spotNsave. God bless you, in India i am sure alot of mothers will bless you!

Elsa Brown

Amazing Gadget, Really Helps

I just got my spotNsave band and it works nicely. To top it all it also works as incoming call / sms / Whatsapp message reminder and if i leave my phone behind the band vibrates. Its a great product, i love to jog at nights when it is less crowded, believe me, i am at peace and my family always knows whether i am safe or not. Congratulations on a job well done.!!!!! I am definately going to promote this product


Great Security product

I got my first band, and the team was so sweet that they sent me a spotnsave T-shirt with my name printed on it. I live in South Africa, where its not so safe for women, but with the band and the App, my parents are comfortable and they if anything went wrong they would get an alert immeidately. Just love the concept, im going to order 4 more bands for my maternal and paternal grand parents. Waiting for their new upgrade, love you guys, good luck and keep doing good work, Best wishes from South Africa Jolie :)